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Lim Tze Yan is a Malaysian photographic artist who makes experimental photographic works with non-photographic materials. He uses performances, writings, and installation to seek the boundary of photography. With a background in literature, his works are emotionally sensitive and often touch on personal vulnerability.

2019  BA Photography, Manchester Metropolitan University

Group Exhibitions
2022 THERE-THEN-HERE-NOW, Bankley Gallery
2022 Manchester Contemporary, Manchester Central Convention Complex, UK
2022 MADE IT, Rogue Artists’ Studios, UK
2022 Paper Geographies, Atelier Alonso, Arles
2022 Exposure Plus Photo 2022, High Street Studios, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2021 Sonder, PS Mirabel, Manchester, UK
2021 An Anthotology of Joy, Contact Theatre, Manchester, UK

2021  Project Loneliness Online Exhibition, UK



2019 英國曼徹斯特藝術學院攝影系學士

2022 THERE-THEN-HERE-NOW, Bankley Gallery
2022 Manchester Contemporary,英國曼徹斯特
2022 MADE IT,Rogue Artists’ Studios,英國曼徹斯特
2022 Paper Geographies,法國亞爾
2022 Belong,馬來西亞吉隆坡
2021 Sonder,PS Mirabel,英國曼徹斯特
2021 An Anthology of Joy,Contact Theatre,英國曼徹斯特

2021 「孤獨行動」線上展覽,英國曼徹斯特